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Marker Posts

Enviropost Australia supply Quality Australian Made Pipeline products and Services throughout Australia and are proud to be one of the leading Suppliers of Marker Post’s, Warning Signage and all associated products to Pipeline Construction Companies throughout the Country.

We can Manufacture any type of Marker Post or Aerial Marker you require. With our 17 yrs experience in Supplying Quality Pipeline products we can also help you with any designing of signs or marker Post’s your job requires.

Using our Oz-Post anchors for installation can save your company thousands of Dollars supplying and installing Marker Post’s. We can give you a solution that has been used by many pipeline construction companies that will have the job done quickly and more importantly save you thousands of dollars, using quality Australian made products.

We pride ourselves on working with our customers ensuring you get the product you expect and meeting your important deadlines. We would be more than happy to quote you any projects you require or simply help you out with design or help with what you need to be ordered for the job.

Enviropost have a vast experience in this line of work and have completed some huge jobs for Nacap, McConnell Dowel, Origin Energy and many more big Gas pipeline companies in their need for marker post supplies for the past 15 yrs.

Every job we have completed on time with quality work in which they can trust in us, and is why they keep coming back to Enviropost Australia for all there marker post needs.


We supply every aspect needed for your complete marker system, including all Brackets , Tek Screws, Jackhammer tools , Nuts Bolts, Stickers , Labels, underground Markers and Tapes. Anything that is needed to complete the job.

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EAMP: Enviropost Asset Marker Post's

The Enviropost Asset Marker Post System is available in four lengths. 900mm, 1350mm, 1500mm and 1650mm in a variety of colours.  Other lengths can be made to order upon request. Information is easily fastened to the post for accurate road reporting functions.

Enviropost supply markers such as fire plugs, stop valves, water mains, sewer mains and culvert markers Australia wide. Posts can be powder coated in authorities’ choice of colours with any combination of letters and numbering. We can manufacture a range of specialty asset marker posts to your specifications and requirements.

Custom Made Marker Post's & Signs

Enviropost Australia Custom make Marker Post’s & Marker Signs.

We manufacture ourselves which allows us to make up any design you need for all Post’s Brackets & Signs. We can weld Big base Plates on bottom of post or weld arms on post to secure your sign.

Anything that your marker post specification asks for we can Supply you. We can also powder coat or hot dip galvanised finish. “Enviropost Marker Post System” is the most cost effective  solution for your Marker Warning signs and Post’s”.

EUMS: Enviropost Utility Marker System

We supply the whole unit including a 50nb galvanised or powder coated post any length (standard 1300mm)  which suits our Oz-Post Anchors for installation. A powder coated alluminium extrusion ( any colour ) designed to fit over the post which allows you  4 signs if needed on all sides and top.

We can supply you a sign plate with any information you need custom made, any size any colour.

We currently supply Telecom & Optus markers throughout Australia.

An example marker post request.

Used by all Telecommunications Companies Oz-Post™ Post support and signage system is currently being used exclusively by all of the Telecommunications companies in Australia!
The Oz-Post™ Utility Marker System (OUMS) is the strongest, most reliable, easy to install, attractive and longest lasting marker in the industry. The OUMS all metal construction can be easily color matched and printed with all required information.
The OUMS all-metal construction also makes it fire proof! With this system there are no issues with melted or burnt marker signs. Remarking areas that have been destroyed by wild fires or forest fires is a thing of the past with the OUMS.
The OUMS is also very quick and easy to install in all soil conditions! Replacing OUMS markers that have been damaged by vehicles or equipment is less than a 2 min job for one individual!
OUMS installations are tough and can withstand significant impacts by lawn equipment, vehicles, animals and people. It is time for corporations, city planners and business to pay closer attention to their impact on our beautiful countryside. Rusty, unattractive, broken and crooked utility markers that are seen on every street corner, in our neighborhoods, our forests and our fields do not complement our landscape. Although marker signs are necessary to help protect the buried utility lines they don’t have to be an eye sore!
The OUMS is the best answer for your corporate image and bottom line! OUMS units are far superior to all other marker posts available. OUMS are cost effective, long lasting, attractive, and deliver a company image to be proud to have your name on.
Feel free to call one of our sales representatives for an on site demonstration of OUMS. Oz-Post™ also offers many options and accessories that can customize our products to suit your specific requirements.