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Sign Posts

Sign Post's / Fence Post's - CHSGalvanised and Powder Coated

Enviropost Australia are specialist’s in the supply of Galvanised and Powder Coated Sign Post’s , fence Post’s, Marker Post’s and all CHS Post’s. We can supply you the full length pipe in bundles or cut to any size up to 6.5m in quantities of one to No Limit. We stock set lengths in bundles but can cut to any size you require.  We offer expert advice when selecting sign posts to meet all state and local council specifications. Posts are available in standard sizes or cut to length with a choice of saw-cut ends, cn’mped ends or with base plates. We have hundreds of Post’s in stock ensuring you get your order quickly and on time. We scource all our materials from Australian made supplliers and manufacturers of Pipe. We pride ourselves on quality service and rarely will be beaten in price. We can offer you a free into store price anywhere in Australia.

Enviropost, Stock 50nb Lengths
50nb Green Band (X-Lite)50nb Yellow Band (Lite)50nb Blue Band (Medium)Bundles of...
1.2m 1.2mXX
4.2m 4.2mXX
Powder Coated Post's, Any Colour

Tip:- Galvanized pipe that needs to be powder coated, should be first degassed to avoid “cratering” of the finished surface.

We can supply you End caps for all size pipe.

  • Our Post’s are Manufactured to Australian Standards
  • AS 1074 Steel tubes and tubulars for ordinary service.
  • AS 1163 Structural steel hollow sections (Grade C250L0).
  • AS1163-1991 Structural Steel Hollow Sections (Grade C350 L0)
  • AS/NZS 4792 (Section 2) HDG 300: Hot-dipped galvanized.
  • L0 – Pronounced, “L Zero”, is the lowest ambient temperature to which these products had been tested.
  • Hot Dip Gal Pipe has an average coating mass of 300 g/m².

Extra Lite ( Green Band ) | Lite ( Yellow Band )

X-Lite (Green)SizeOutside Diam mmWall Thickness mmQnty Per Sling 6.5mSling Dimensions mm x mmLite (Yellow)SizeOutside Diam mmWall Thickness mmQnty Per SlingSling Dimensions
X-Lite (Green)20nb26.92.0127350 x 306|Lite (Yellow)20nb26.92.3127350 x 306
X-Lite (Green)25nb33.72.091371 x 326|Lite (Yellow)25nb33.72.691371 x 326
X-Lite (Green)32nb42.22.061382 x 336|Lite (Yellow)32nb42.22.661382 x 336
X-Lite (Green)40nb48.32.361435 x 383|Lite (Yellow)40nb48.32.961435 x 383
X-Lite (Green)50nb60.32.337422 x 374|Lite (Yellow)50nb60.32.937422 x 374
X-Lite (Green)65nb76.12.337533 x 472|Lite (Yellow)65nb76.13.237533 x 472
X-Lite (Green)80nb88.92.619445 x 397|Lite (Yellow)80nb88.93.219445 x 397
X-Lite (Green)90nb101.62.619508 x 454|Lite (Yellow)90nb101.63.219508 x 454
X-Lite (Green)100nb114.33.219572 x 510|Lite (Yellow)100nb114.33.619572 x 510
X-Lite (Green)125nb139.73.013699 x 382|Lite (Yellow)125nb139.73.513699 x 382
X-Lite (Green)150nb165.13.010660 x 451|Lite (Yellow)150nb165.13.510660 x 451

TS-65 Locking Wedges

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Straight Edge Anchors

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