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Traffic Equipment

Traffic related

Galvanised Posts

Any size , shape, thickness.

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School Posts

White powder coated Post with Red reflective diamond Grade stickers every 300mm Sizes – 1.3m / 1.8m / 2.4m / 2.8m / 3.25m -: 50nb

Powder Coated Posts

Any size , shape, thickness. Contact us for more information.

Keep Left Posts

1.2m 40nb Gal Post with holes laser cut to perfection for sign installation.

Extraction Posts

Big strong reliable , need a post out of the ground , this is your answer – Concrete Or  Oz-Post installation.

Base Plates

2 types, Bolt down and Concrete method!  ( see sign page for details).

Ts-65 Wedges

Used to fix the post to the cup.

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Jackhammer Tools

Made for all jackhammers – used for Enviropost installation.

Hand Dollies

No jackhammer , then you can smash them in the ground using a sledge hammer & Dolly.

Steel Bollards

Any size and diameter. Can make with rings on top for chain installation- Galvanised or powder coated any colour.

Post end Caps

2 types  domed or shaped.


Td-1 , Td-2 , Td-3, Td-4, Saddle Brackets,  (much more).

Traffic equipment

Traffic Cones,  Multi message signs , Portable sign Systems.

Guide Posts

Steel , Flex , Timber , Round -:  supply and install available.


…on all our products – 15 yrs experience , quality to meet your deadlines.

Powder Coating

Huge powder coating facility available  ( see metal work for details).

Fencing materials...

…including  all materials , post’s and brackets , nuts and bolts.

Timber Bollards

Domed or chamfered etc.

Tempory Fencing

A new system using the enviropost’s for a more secure temporary fence solution.

We also have...Street, Outdoor Furniture and accessories


Bicycle Racks



Drinking Fountains


Litter Bins and Ashtrays

Notice & Information Boards

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Kitchens



Stadium Seating

Tables and Chairs

Tree surrounds